Ghanaian comedy is now on the rise –KSM

Legendary Ghanaian comedian Kwaku Sintim-Misa, better known as KSM, has praised the current crop of comedians for their rapid evolution and success.

In an exclusive interview with Bernard Avle on Citi 97.3 FM, KSM said that the current crop of Ghanaian comedians, such as DKB, OB Amponsah, Lexzy De Comic, and Funny Face, have revived the comedy scene with their fascinating shows.

For years, Nigerian comedians have been considered the best on the continent, but KSM believes that Ghanaian comedy is now on the rise.

“I think the new gang … the GH Comedians; I really have a lot of respect for them, they have done extremely well — even to the point that when there is a comedy show in Ghana now there is not a lineup of Nigerian comedians…now we have our own, and they even sell more than having the ..[ Nigerians]… They have specials every 3 months and all of them will get on stage to back them.”

The legendary comedian acknowledged the immense talent, creativity, and work ethic of the “GH Comedians”.

KSM also promoted his new hotel, Cactus Creek Hotel, in Aburi, Eastern Region.



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