Ghanaian athletes are in very high spirits -deputy Sports Minister

Evans Opoku Bobie, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports has disclosed that the spirits of Ghanaian athletes at the Games Village are very high as they are poised to make names for themselves, family and the nation.

Speaking to the press at the media center of the 13th African Games, at the University of Ghana Stadium, Mr Bobie, who is Chairman of the International Games Committee, revealed that about 350 athletes were selected by the various 26 federations and coaches to begin preparations.

He hinted that the welfare of the athletes was paramount, so they were accommodated at Cape Coast, fed and taken care of by three doctors, four nurses, six physiotherapists and physical trainers. There was also 24-hour run clinic and ambulances available.

The Deputy Minster expressed that the athletes who were camped will be paid their per diems of GHC1,000 a day, with medalists are going to get $3,000 for gold, $2,000 for silver and $1,000 for bronze.

“The morale and spirits of the athletes are very high, they are focused, positive and ready, we must focus on gold in football and athletics, after the great performance in arm wrestling” he said.

Present at the press conference was LOC Chairman, Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, who commended the media for promoting the Games. He reiterated that the new facilities at Borteyman would be maintained by the creation of the University for Sports for Development and Business.

Chairman of the Media Committee Mr. Dan Kweku Yeboah MCed the meeting.                                        Source: Ghana Olympic Committee


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