Ghana Post denies delivering poor services to clients

General Post Office, Central Accra

The nation’s postal service, Ghana Post, has called on Ghanaians to help it deliver better services by ensuring that addresses and contact information of recipients of parcels are accurate.

In a meeting with some staff of this paper, the company said their inability to sometimes deliver parcels within stipulated time is mostly due to the provision of inaccurate contact by some clients.

The company said such inaccurate information affects its ability to deliver services within 24 hours and put its competitors ahead of it.

“We always tell our clients to ensure that they provide the correct address and telephone number so that in case we can’t trace your address, we can call you for directions. It is no fault of ours”, Mr Kwesi Owusu-Abrokwa, Chief Commercial Officer of Ghana Post told these reporters, during a meeting that was triggered by our last week Friday’s publication.

The Chronicle had carried a story with the headline, “Ghana Post rebranding a façade”, where it was explained that Ghana Post was delivering poor services to some of its clients.

During the meeting, Mr Kwasi-Abrokwa indicated to the paper that Management of the company was working its socks off to ensure that Ghana Post delivers on its mandate and becomes the preferred postal service provider in the country.

Making specific reference to The Chronicle publication, he said clients who ask them to deliver the letter did not provide the precise location of The Chronicle, hence the delay.

He said one of the mechanisms that have been put in place, as part of the rebranding agenda, is the digitalisation of their operations, which enables a client to track the progress of an item he/she wants delivered until it gets to the final destination.

He said this makes it possible for one to know if an item has been delivered or not.

“We have digitised all our operations so our clients and they can track the progress of their parcel to ensure that the item has been delivered.”

Aside the digitising of their operations, Mr Abrokwa also noted that even when it comes to the delivery of items, their competitors cannot compete with them, because the company always delivers to the doorstop of the recipient, something they (competitors) do not do. He said with other delivery services, one has to usually spend extra money to pick up an item at the delivery point.

“So you see, even in the delivery we are ahead of them. We always deliver to your doorstep. Our competitors do not do that. They only bring it to a point and you would have to either walk or pick a car to go and get your parcel.”

According to the Chief Financial Commercial Officer, this also makes transacting business with Ghana Post much cheaper than with their competitors.

He explained that since most of these services do not do doorstep delivery, clients usually spend extra money in picking up parcels at delivery points, either by themselves or pay courier services to deliver it to them.

“So if you do a critical analysis of the pricing very well, you will realise that sending an item via Ghana Post is much cheaper than sending through other means.”

Other officers who were present at last Friday’s meeting were Madam Sheila Barketey, Mr Theophilus Tei Ayanou, Mr Isaac Marmah and Mr Bernard Yaw Atta-Sonno.

By Agnes Ansah & Bernice Bessey


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