Ghana Museums and Monuments to rent Kwame Nkrumah’s cars 

  As part of generating revenue for the Ghana Museums and Monuments, the acting Chief Executive Director, Kingsley Ntiamoah Ofosu, has disclosed that some vehicles used by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and other former state officials will soon be available for rental.

Amongst the cars to be rented include a Cadillac belonging to Dr. Nkrumah as well as some other vehicles of former Presidents Kufuour and late Jerry John Rawlings, Mr Ntiamoah Ofosu noted.

He explained that the proceeds made from renting out the cars that were once used by these great men will be channelled into the repairs of the over 20 broken-down vehicles of other former heads of state and ministers which have been ‘abandoned’.

“We want to use these vehicles, the Benz, Land cruisers, now it is motorable so we want to rent them. We are going to use the proceeds from these vehicles to work on other vehicles. We have over twenty vehicles here which were used by Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Busia, Afrifa, Acheampong and all those people. The vehicles are here, we have Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz and other vehicles that we want to work on them.”

“Working on these vehicles is very expensive. Most of them are bulletproof vehicles. If I tell you how much it cost us to be able to work on these Mercedes Benz and other ones, it will shock you. They are very expensive and capital intensive. We want to rent them so we will use the proceeds to work on other vehicles as well,” Mr. Ntiamoah Ofosu hinted.

He added that police escorts will be provided for those who rent the vehicles since most of the vehicles have been deserted for years and must be driven with care.

“Not that anybody just come and we rent you the car, no. We are in talks with the police. What we are trying to do is that when you come and rent, we’ll give you a police escort and a driver. We are going to make sure that we put them into great use” Mr. Ntiamoah Ofosu ended.


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