Ghana coach Ibrahim Tanko laments short rest period after humiliating defeat to Morocco

Black Meteors coach, Ibrahim Tanko, has attributed his team’s disappointing defeat against Morocco to fatigue resulting from a lack of sufficient rest ahead of the crucial match.

Tanko expressed his belief that the players were deprived of the necessary recovery time, having played their opening game just 48 hours before facing the formidable Moroccan side.

Ghana experienced a demoralizing 5-1 loss to the host nation on Tuesday night, significantly diminishing their chances of progressing to the semi-finals in the Olympic qualifying tournament.

With their hopes hanging by a thread, the team now faces a must-win situation against Guinea in their final group stage match in order to advance to the next stage.

Reflecting on the defeat, Tanko conceded that Morocco’s victory was well-deserved, but emphasised the impact of fatigue on his players’ performance.

“We had one day of rest while they had two days. The players showed fatigue,” lamented the coach.

Tanko also acknowledged that the team had approached the match with great respect for their opponents, but were ultimately punished for it.

Tanko further highlighted a similar instance involving Congo, who suffered a similar fate against Guinea due to their opponents’ extra day of rest.

This pattern, according to the coach, underscores the significance of adequate recovery time in maintaining the players’ physical and mental sharpness throughout the demanding tournament.

Black Meteors now find themselves in a precarious position, requiring a victory against Guinea to keep their hopes alive. The team will undoubtedly need to address the issue of fatigue and ensure their players are well-rested and prepared for the crucial encounter.



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