German MP calls for expulsion of Bayern player for supporting Palestine

The world of soccer is no stranger to the tense situation that is being experienced in the Gaza Strip.

There have been many players who have positioned themselves in a very specific way through their social networks regarding the conflict, generating controversy and, sometimes, the response of other colleagues and even political institutions.

One of those examples is Noussair Mazraoui. The Bayern Munich player posted on his Instagram a message of support and the desire for a “victory of Palestine” next to a flag of the territory. A message that ended up triggering a series of very strong responses.

MP Johannes Steineiger called on Bayern to put the player aside, alluding to the German team’s past and to one of its two-term presidents, Landauer, who was Jewish.

“Kurt Landauer’s club, which was pejoratively referred to by the Nazis as the club of the Jews, cannot overlook this. Moreover, the state must use the responsibilities it has to expel him from Germany,” the MP wrote on his social media.

The German newspaper ‘Bild’ accused him in one of its news of being a “supporter of terrorism”. Faced with this situation, the Moroccan was forced to clarify his messages on Twitter with another post.

“First of all, I would like to say that it is really disappointing to have to explain what I stand for. There is a situation where thousands of innocent people are being killed. My position is that I will work for peace and justice in this world. That means that I will always be against all kinds of terrorism, hatred and violence. And that is something I will always support,” he wrote.



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