Funny Face visits accident victims, pleads for forgiveness


Funny Face has paid a visit to the victim of an accident he caused on Kasoa Kakraba Road.
He went to apologize to the victims for causing them pain and went ahead to donate some money to them to help them pay off their medical bills.

An old woman who was one of the victims was still receiving treatment at the hospital. Funny Face went to her and knelt before her to beg for forgiveness of sins.
Funny Face was granted a bail of GHC120k by the Kasoa-Akweley District Court.
Funny Face is expected to reappear in court again after four weeks.

An emotional Funny Face was also seen crying and praying by the beech after he was granted bail.
He has also put up his numbers for those who want to donate to support him.
The Ghanaian comic actor has faced a lot of challenges ever since he came back from rehab after he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

He appealed for fans to go and see his kids who are with his baby Mama, Vanessa but for some reason, he was allowed to see the kids.
This plunged him into depression which led him to drunk-driving leading to his unfortunate incident.



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