Funny Face opens up about battle with depression

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, has opened up about his battle with depression which even ended him at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for weeks.

The comedian has refuted rumours that his obsession with his ex-wife’s big buttocks contributed to his condition.

Funny Face who recently made headlines for threatening to harm his baby mama and others on social media, said that his love for his children and the fear of losing them is what took him down the path of depression.

In an interview on Hitz FM, Funny Face explained that he was deeply emotional and had a strong bond with his daughters.

He said that he would cry when they cried, and it was this emotional attachment that caused him to spiral into depression.

“The buttocks didn’t take me through depression. The love of my children took me into depression. Do you understand?” Funny Face clarified.

The comedian went on to describe how much he loved other people’s children, including his fans’ kids, and how this only added to the emotional toll he was experiencing.

“Naturally, I am emotional. You know I love other people’s kids deeply; how much more my own?” he added.



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