Four major parties rigged presidential poll –ADC candidate

The presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress, Dumebi Kachikwu, in an interview with FRIDAY OLOKOR, analyses the February 25, 2023, presidential election and believes that all the four major political parties rigged the poll in their strongholds

There have been controversies over the failure in the use of technology, particularly, BVAS    (Bimodal Voter Accreditation System) during the presidential election held on February 25. What are your reactions and suggestions?

We went into this contest knowing that we were operating within a flawed system. I, for once never expected anything from INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission).

I made it known to Nigerians that an INEC that refused to obey court orders and an INEC that had conducted sham elections could not overnight give us proper elections across the country. So what I said is that I predicted what happened in the presidential elections.

INEC operates in mediocrity because they assume that we’re a country of mediocre people and that ultimately we will accept mediocre or sham elections.

The four major parties, that is the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), APC (All Progressives Congress; Labour Party and the New Nigeria Peoples Party rigged in the domains of their strengths but their rigging did not materially affect the outcome of the elections.

What do I mean by this? 14 hours before the elections, I told Nigerians that I as a candidate representing the ADC had no pathway to victory. I said this because it was the proper thing to do.

It is what people do in an advanced democracy. You let your supporters know your position so that they can make an informed decision as to if to continue with you on what seems to be a suicide mission or to take their votes somewhere else that might be similar to your convictions, or might align more with your views and policies.



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