Fella Makafui sets records straight on alleged relationship with D-Black

Wife of Medikal, Actress Fella Makafui has set the records straight on rumours of allegedly dating rapper D-Black.

In April 2024, videos and pictures went viral on social media showing Fella Makafui smoking a cigar with D-Black. This did not go well with Medikal, who publicly expressed his displeasure with the act, which he felt was disrespectful.

Despite the ongoing tension, D-Black supported Medikal’s London concert on social media. Medikal, however, responded negatively, labelling D-Black as ‘fake’ and using offensive language, which sparked diverse reactions online.

Speaking on Hitz show on Hitz FM Fella Makafui declined to address the issue, insisting that there was nothing to discuss.

Fella maintained a stance of respect and loyalty towards D-Black, whom she considers a brother, and said she chose not to focus on the negative energy surrounding the incident.

“Let’s not disrespect D-Black and his family. I don’t even want to channel my energy into this thing, you know, this whole thing. Because D-Black is like a brother to me. That’s my big brother. Come on. There were thousands of people in the club. I went there with my friends to chill,” she said.

When asked about her husband’s reaction to a video that surfaced from the club, Makafui chose to keep her comments private, stating, “No comments.”

The actress refused to discuss the matter any further, stating, “There are certain issues that I wouldn’t want to talk about, and this is one of them.”


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