Fameyegets response from NPA over fuel outcry

Following a social media outcry by Singer Fameye over alleged encounter at an undisclosed filling station where his car was filled with adulterated petrol, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has responded to the musician.

In a tweet on Wednesday, 15 March 2023, the rapper narrated how he had already spent a whopping GHC7,000 to repair his Honda Pilot 2019 model, after it was filled with water mixed with petrol.

“So, few days ago, I go buy fuel for one fuel station, GHS700, the rest is heartbreaking. They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol. As I’m talking to you now, my car Honda pilot touring 2019 model is spoilt. I have spent 7k already still not working!!! What do I do?,” he wrote.

After the tweet went viral, scores of netizens recommended that he involves the management of the said filling station for compensation.

Others suggested that he calls out the filling station to prevent future reoccurrences.

Fameye’s post caught the attention of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), and they have established their willingness to offer assistance to salvage the situation.

In a tweet, the regulatory body raised concerns about Fameye’s management’s unwillingness to collaborate after reaching out a day after the singer’s tweet went viral.

“The unwillingness of Fameye’s management to cooperate with the NPA’s Consumer Services Department by providing key information, such as the name and location of the retail outlet in question makes it impossible for the Authority to proceed with an investigation into the case. Fameye’s management team further stated that they would handle the case by themself,” NPA tweeted as part of some concerns listed on their page.


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