Fadda Dickson refused to employ me in 2021 because of my English -MzGee reveals

Ghanaian media personality MzGee recently revealed that she was declined an opportunity to work with Despite Media in 2021 due to her English language proficiency.

In a interview with Abeiku Santana, MzGee recounted visiting Fadda Dickson, a prominent figure in the media industry, to present a plaque during her tenure with JoyNews. During her visit, Abeiku Santana, also present at the time, introduced her to Fadda and spoke highly of her.

In an effort to secure a position for MzGee, Abeiku inquired whether Fadda would consider employing her. Unfortunately, Fadda responded with discouragement, showing no interest in her because she was not proficient in the Akan language.

Reflecting on the incident during the interview, MzGee shared her recollection with Abeiku Santana, reminding him of their initial meeting with Fadda Dickson. She expressed her disappointment as she recounted Fadda’s response, stating that he dismissed her due to her English-speaking background, suggesting that she should stick to that domain.

However, MzGee acknowledged Abeiku Santana’s belief in her and his accurate prediction of her future success. She fondly remembered how he referred to her as the “Wendy Williams of Ghana” even before they had met, recognizing her potential without seeing her as a mere imitation.

Despite facing subsequent criticism and backlash when she assumed the hosting role for UTV’s United Showbiz, MzGee demonstrated remarkable resilience. She refused to let the rejection define her and continued to pursue her passion, ultimately proving her worth as a competent and valuable media personality.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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