Examine cylinders properly before purchasing -Gas Expert advises

Mr Samuel Otu Larbi, the Chief Executive Officer of Solution Solve, a consulting firm, has advised the public to thoroughly examine cylinders before buying, as “most of those sold as brand-new are used ones that have been repainted to look new.”

“The valve is one sure way to determine a brand-new cylinder, albeit some changed the old valve before selling them.”

“While the newness of the valve does not imply that the cylinder is brand new, it does extend the life of the cylinder and avoids gas leakage.”

Mr. Otu Larbi said this at the Ghana News Agency’s Tema Industrial News Hub on Tuesday, and that because individuals did not paint the bottommost section of the cylinder, that part might also be tested to ascertain its newness.

He warned that it was risky to fill cylinders to the brim as that may easily cause fire and said leakage could also be checked by washing the cylinder with soapy water to detect a leaky area.

“When bubbles develop at any part of the cylinder, it means that part is leaking,” he said, and advised against shaking the cylinder to find out how much gas it contained.

He advocated the establishment of a regulatory authority to inspect and approve cylinders before they were sold on the market.



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