Efia Odo says she’s happy Kwesi Arthur found love; denies ever dating him

Andrea Owusu, a popular Ghanaian actress and socialite known as Efia Odo, recently shared her joy and happiness for her former friend, Kwesi Arthur, who has found love. During an interview with ZionFelix, Efia Odo expressed her belief that love is a beautiful thing and emphasized her genuine happiness for her friend.

When asked if she felt any jealousy regarding the new development, the influential personality questioned the notion, stating that there was no reason for her to be jealous just because her former friend had found love.

Efia Odo strongly denied ever dating the Ghanaian music star and asserted that their relationship was purely platonic. She further clarified that their communication had ceased before the lady who is now involved with Kwesi Arthur entered the picture.

Efia Odo expressed her perspective that people enter and exit one’s life, so it is natural for them to move on after being friends for a certain period. She displayed a mature attitude, indicating her willingness to accept the changes and growth that occur in relationships over time.

Overall, Efia Odo’s interview reflected her genuine happiness for Kwesi Arthur and her understanding of the transient nature of friendships and relationships.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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