Efia Odo reveals plans to venture into Afrobeats after unsuccessful rap song

Ghanaian actress, socialite, and now musician, Efia Odo, has revealed plans to delve into Afrobeat music after her initial single, “Freak” failed to resonate with the music scene. In an exclusive interview on the Day Show, Efia Odo acknowledged the criticism and backlash her debut song received, expressing her commitment to learning and evolving.

She revealed that she has been diligently working on Afrobeat tracks, emphasizing her belief that the genre aligns better with the preferences of the Ghanaian audience.

“I’ve been working on Afrobeat songs ever since I released ‘Freak.’ I’ve taken the time to understand my audience, and I’m ready to connect with Ghanaians on their level,” she stated.

Addressing critiques about her first song, Efia Odo gracefully accepted feedback, stating, “That’s fine; that’s why I went back, took their advice, did my homework, and aimed to create something better. I wasn’t born to do music; I was born to entertain, and that’s what I’m going to do. Every day is a learning school.”

Highlighting the global popularity of Afrobeat, Efia Odo acknowledged its widespread appeal, noting its increasing listenership even in the United States.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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