Editorial: Otumfuo’s ‘Declaration Of War’ Against Land Guards Is Commendable

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, says he will destool any chief in Asanteman, within whose jurisdiction the menace of land guards are entertained. Until recently, the menace of land guards, which is prevalent in other areas of Ghana was uncommon in Asanteman.

But the Ashanti Regional Security Council in June, this year, expressed concern over a surge in the illegal operations of land guards in the region and said it was one of the recent security threats in the area.

The Regional Security Council acknowledged that the time-tested modalities in the Region that had kept land guards out of the region over the years, was gradually giving way as land disputes was now entertaining the menace of land guards.

Speaking at the first Asanteman Council meeting after the climax of the Silver Jubilee celebration at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi on Thursday (July 4, 2024), Otumfuo said he has set up a committee made up of security agencies to investigate the illegal practice of land guards currently gaining roots in Asanteman.

He said any chief who will be implicated by the report will face destoolment. Additionally, he touched on issues of illegal mining in other parts of Asanteman and accused some Nananom of having a hand in it.

First of all, The Chronicle applauds the Asantehene on his bold decision to tackle the issue of Land guards, Land disputes and illegal mining, because they are part of the major problems facing the country. It is appalling to even known that some unscrupulous Chiefs are helping to promote illegal mining, which is destroying our lands and forests.

The Chronicle is, therefore, happy with Asantehene’s decision to destool any chief involved in the nefarious activities and this is a testament to his leadership and determination to protect the interests of the Ashanti people.

Historically, Asanteman has prided itself on effective modalities for managing land disputes without resorting to unlawful means. However, recent reports from the Ashanti Regional Security Council highlight a troubling escalation in the activities of land guards, which threaten to undermine the region’s longstanding peace and stability.

The Asantehene’s rebuke is not just a condemnation of the illegal actions of land guards, but also a reminder of the sacred trust placed in chiefs to safeguard community interests. Land, as he rightly pointed out, is immovable and integral to the heritage and livelihoods of communities. Any attempt to circumvent established channels for dispute resolution by employing land guards represents a betrayal of that trust and a direct challenge to the authority of traditional leadership.

The Asantehene’s stance serves as a clarion call to all traditional leaders in the region to uphold the highest standards of integrity and responsibility. It sends a clear message that those entrusted with leadership must be steadfast in their commitment to the welfare of their people and any deviation from this duty will not be tolerated.

As Ghanaians, we must rally behind Otumfuo in his efforts to root out the scourge of land guards and uphold the sanctity of our lands. The people of Asanteman, especially, must support the investigations of the committee he has formed and cooperate with security agencies to ensure that those responsible for perpetrating these illegal activities are swiftly brought to justice.

Let us stand united in support of his efforts to maintain our cherished values and safeguard our collective future.


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