Editorial: Kudos to the NPP, congratulations to new executives

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has elected its new national executives after hours of a highly contested election, involving over 6000 delegates and 45 aspirants of the party. The elected executives will steer the affairs of the party for the next four years in their quest to ‘break the 8’. The outcome of the Delegates Conference has proven that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is indeed one of the leading democratic parties on the African continent.

The success was, however, not achieved on a silver platter as there was a delay in the process leading to the conduct of the poll. We are, however, happy that at the end of the day, peace prevailed and we congratulate the new executives of the governing party.

In any elections, there will always be victors and losers and we hope the victors will be measured and magnanimous in their celebration, whilst those who did not win would not sit on the sidelines, but will rather take an active role in the party’s activities as it seeks to break the ’8’.

The Chronicle expects the newly elected executives to be all encompassing in their governance so as to unite all party members behind them. The mantle of leadership is very important and the onus lies on the new executives to ensure that they hold each other and work together to break the 8. Our advice for the elected leaders is that leadership is not just a title but it comes with various responsibilities. The position each and everyone has acquired comes with responsibilities of uniting the grassroots for victory in 2024.

We also agree with the President in his Facebook post yesterday when he stated that the unity of the party is essential to its success, therefore, all members must unite to build a unified front in order to retain power in 2024. According to the President, “we have elected a team of officers with a deep attachment to the timeless values and principles of the Party and its tradition, and who will steer affairs of the party for the next four years. They are the national face and voice of our Party, and they will set the tone and the pace of our election campaign in 2024.”

The president urged the NPP to unite strongly behind the new national officers, for it is only by working together that the party will achieve its objectives and deliver progress and prosperity to the Ghanaian people.

It has not being easy organising successful constituency, regional and national elections. The NPP, therefore, deserves our commendation for this achievement, which goes a long way to add to Ghana’s enviable democratic credentials. The Chronicle also congratulates the Electoral Commission for conducting and supervising the polls.


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