Editorial: Congratulations To UGMC!

The University of Ghana Medical Centre Limited (UGMC) says it has successfully performed its first set of six kidney transplant surgeries. According to a statement issued by the centre over the weekend, the UGMC conducted the six kidney transplant surgeries with the utmost precision, care and expertise, under the leadership of a highly skilled and dedicated local and foreign medical team.

According to the Head of Urology at UGMC, Dr. Emmanuel Asante, the procedures were performed seamlessly, demonstrating the Centre’s capabilities in complex surgical interventions and post-operative care.

The Chief Executive Officer of the first class facility, Dr. Kwame Anim Boamah, is reported to have stated in an interview that the successful completion of the first set of six kidney transplants underscores the Centre’s commitment to pushing beyond boundaries, achieving medical excellence and improving the lives of patients through cutting-edge interventions and compassionate care.

The UGMC says it looks forward to continuing its mission of advancing healthcare standards and innovative practices in the field of transplantation.

The UGMC is an academic medical centre offering world-class patient care, training and research in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond.

The Chronicle is happy to learn about this development happening not in a foreign land but in our homeland, Ghana. This is one of the stories taxpayers would like to hear, not those that discourage citizens.

The Chronicle is very much delighted by the latest development because kidney patients may not have to travel abroad for similar kidney surgery, which will attract extra expenses.

We believe that commendations are in order, particularly to the visionaries and down to the last person at the UGMC, through whose hard work, selflessness and love for country this edifice is saving the lives of people in the country.

The Ghanaian taxpayer expects to see prudent utilisation of the taxes they pay; otherwise, hell will break loose should any government attempt to ask for more money.

Many times, a section of the public has bemoaned the political class seeking healthcare in South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom and other places. The excuse has always been the standard of healthcare facilities in the country.

We think that narrative will gradually change, owing to the good work a facility like the UGMC is doing. And lest we forget, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge, not too long ago also conducted a historic surgery.

Specialists at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital in 2022 successfully separated Siamese twins. They were born at Nsawam in the Eastern Region on March 30, 2021 but were transferred to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, immediately for the necessary medical interventions.

They were joined at the head and the procedure to separate them is the first of its kind in Ghana, for a case of twins conjoined at the head.

Just two years after this successful surgery, The Chronicle is happy that UGMC has also done same and Ghanaians should be proud of their investment in the hospital.


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