Dualisation of Takoradi-Agona Nkwanta road begins

Work has commenced on the reconstruction of the 23 kilometre Takoradi-Agona Nkwanta road into a dual carriageway.

The project, which has been awarded to Justmoh Construction Limited, also involves the construction of four major bridges and a number of culverts with funding from the GCB Bank PLC.  It will be completed in 24 months, but could be extended based on additional works from the client.

Government has, in recent times, come under severe pressure and criticism from the public over the seeming neglect of the Takoradi-Agona Nkwanta stretch of the National Highway 1 (N1) which runs from Elubo through Takoradi, Accra, Tema to Aflao.

The deterioration of the road and the weakening of two major bridges led to the closure of the Ewisiejoe bridge on two occasions for repair works to be carried out, while the potholes and gullies caused several haulage trucks to tip over in their attempt to manoeuvre through the deteriorated road.

These instances had led to the blocking of the road, sometimes for several hours and days. The situation also brought untold hardships on the people. It also made the road unsafe to travel on, as it poses serious threat to life. The Ewusiejoe portion of the 23 kilometer stretch appears to be the worst portion.

Several cars, most especially foreign haulage trucks, had turned over at the Ewusiejoe portion due to the nature of the road.


The Western Regional Minister, Mr Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, in the midst of the pressure announced that government had awarded the contract for the reconstruction of the road to Justmoh Construction Limited.

However, this was taken with a pinch of salt by a cross section of the public, including the media, as there was no evidence to that effect.

However, Workers of Justmoh were seen on the road some months ago, undertaking remedial works on the Ewisiejoe bridge and this gave rise to new wave of criticisms that, the contractor had refused to move to site to start work.

The Chief Executive of the Company, Dr Justice Amoh, explained during a site inspection that, there are a lot of processes to go through after the award of contract before mobilising to site to begin earthworks.

“The first phase of the project involves the handing over of the site, site evaluation, planning, survey works, soil/material test, design among others. As we speak, there are workers on site undertaking all these activities”, he said.

According to him, “earthworks will start in a month’s time, which will involve the removal of soil to flatten, build up and slope road location”.


Meanwhile, the company has acquired the needed equipment and machinery for the project, which are on standby at the Apremdo camp site.

Dr Amoh said everything is set for all phases of the project and that work will progress until completion.


The Chief Executive of Justmoh Construction appealed to the public to cooperate and support the company.

“There will be some challenges and inconveniences to road users and communities along the route. We urge you to bear with us as we must go through such difficulties before the work can be completed for the benefit of us all.  If anyone has any idea or suggestions that will help in the execution of the project, please come to us, our doors are always open”, Dr Amoh assured.


The 23km Takoradi-Agona Nkwanta road is a major link connecting the Takoradi Port to mining, goods and agriculture enclave of the Western and Western North Regions. It will facilitate the easy transportation of export commodities to the port as well as transportation of imported mining machinery and equipment.

The stretch also connects the Agona Nkwanta-Elubo road to enhance intra-African trade through the movement of goods and people to and from Ivory Coast


Dr Justice Amoh explained that the project is a Government of Ghana funded project with the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) as the client.

“They are the agency that awarded the contract and have all the details. I will kindly direct the media to the GHA for all the necessary information about the project”, he said.


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