Dua-Adonteng@ 70

The birthday cake

The wife and children of Mr. Kofi Dua-Adonteng, one time Managing Director of Ghana Post Company Limited and now a private legal practitioner,organised a grand reception to celebrate the 70th birthday of the head of the family last Sunday.

The event, which coincided with the commemoration of Father’s Day, was attended by close friends and family members at the residence of the Dua-Adontengs, at Dome in Accra.

Explaining the rationale for the event, Mrs. Doris Dua-Adonteng, wife of the celebrant, said the head f the house-hold had contributed immensely to the tertiary education of all the four children and has always been the pillar of the family.

Mr Dua Adonteng with his grandchildren and family members

“At 70, he has aged gracefully. We felt the Father’s Day is a grand occasion for us to express our appreciation for all that he has done for the children and I. My husband has held the family together and forged a bond of unity between the nuclear family and the extended family.

“In this age of difficulties when some fathers have abandoned their parental care duties, it is refreshing to note that Mr. Dua-Adonteng has been unique in shouldering his family responsibilities. He is one in a million”, she said.

Mrs. Serwaa Dua-Adonteng Ofori, an Accra-based District Magistrate and first daughter of the celebrant, told the Chronicle thus: “We chose Father’s Day to celebrate our father. He has paid his dues to the family. We felt at 70 years, it was the most appropriate time to say thank you, Dada.

“We chose to design the cake in the form of a bible to signify the religious and moral training we all went through under him”,Serwaa said.


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