Drake pauses during performance to cover surgery bills of fan

Canadian Rapper, Drake who has been covering bills of his fans whilst on tour has extended a philanthropic hand to another fan at St. Louis during his recent tour.

Noticing a fan with a sign that asked for financial assistance with their surgery bills, Drizzy paused the show, saying; “You got a sign that says, ‘Please help me with my surgery.’ I don’t know what kinda surgery you need, sir. I really don’t. But I’ma let you know, from me to you, St. Louis love, we gon’ take care whatever the surgery is.”

He continued, “We gonna help you out because we want you to be at the next show with us. You gotta show us love.”

The man’s face was then shown on the jumbotron as he reacted emotionally and threw up the heart sign at Drake.

It’s unknown how much the man’s surgery cost will be, but the 6 God is sure to foot the bill, as he last commended a fan for completing chemotherapy and gifted them $100,000 during a Nashville show earlier this month.

“Listen, forget Drake, forget anybody else in this building right now. That’s a true soldier right there,” Drake told the audience, saluting the fan who was later revealed to be Lauren Schwallie, per The Tennessean.

He continued, “I hope my manager doesn’t kill me ’cause I’ve never really done this much, but, listen, I want you to cash this in at the end of the night. We’re gonna give you $100,000. I love you and I wish you the best.”



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