Don’t jeopardise home safety with excessive security -Expert

The congregation

Nana Asante Philip, a safety, health and environment expert, has advised estate developers, individuals and parents against mounting metallic security at home that pose fire and emergency threats to their property and human lives, particularly children.

He said when people put up homes for sale or to live in, majority of them are particular about how to prevent criminals from breaking into the house without recourse to fire, health and other safety mechanisms.

According to him, some of the homes have affixed metallic door, which are so heavy that when wind blows and a child’s fingers get trapped in it, none would be left.

He added that tiled floors are endangering human lives than the beauty they serve, as well as slide windows, which prevent proper circulation of air.

Mr Asante said this while creating awareness on health, safety and environmental management for the Men Fellowship of Darkuman District Assembly, Accra, last week Wednesday.

He said people are more of maximizing profits with space than to ensure safety of tenants, since most residential homes on sale or for rent have not been certified by the Ghana National Fire Service. The expert said the homes don’t have fire safety, emergency exits and proper ventilation, hence posing serious risks to their occupants.

To make matters worse, he noted that the developers engage artisans who are not well trained for the job.

Mr Asante indicated that it is a sham for a household to display several television sets at every corner in the home, while they cannot show off even one fire extinguisher.

“If you visit some homes, they have about three television sets at their hall, kitchen and bedroom. Wherever you pass, you are likely to see TV hang on a wall. A TV cost like GH¢3,000 and they have about three. Meanwhile, they don’t have fire extinguisher, which is selling between GH¢300 and GH¢400,” he admonished.

He, therefore, urged households to take their domestic health and safety seriously and engage professional artisans, especially electricians, and not pass electrical wires or cables under carpet.

The Darkuman Men Fellowship also benefitted from tutoring on safe road and transportation, as well as occupational safety.

On road safety, he urged road users to be weary of their action in order not to pose danger to others, by following the road signs.


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