‘Depression is not a bad thing’ -Majid Michel

If you are depressed and it’s draining you, Majid Michel says, calm your nerves because it’s not the end of the world for you.

According to the Ghanaian actor, there’s no way that all problems people can be resolved on earth. Majid maintains that suffering doesn’t end until death, hence, untold hardship people face will continue unabated.

The actor was speaking against pastors who take advantage of people’s problems and promise them heaven on earth.

In a TV XYZ interview, Majid Michel said Pastors should cease making such statements to their congregations. He argued that such comments are untrue because people are constantly dealing with depression, which is also a sort of sorrow or hardship.

“Pastors should stop telling their congregations that their troubles are over. That’s a lie, your trouble will only be over when you die”.

He added that “depression is not a bad thing, depression is your inner spirit indicating to yourself, your conscious mind that where we are is not good, let’s move on“.

The actor emphasised that depression is not a bad thing for people to experience, so people should not be concerned when they get such moods.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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