Damage seen at Iran air base after Israel attack

Satellite imagery released over the past 24 hours has revealed evidence of probable damage at an Iranian air base following an Israeli strike in the early hours of Friday morning.  BBC Verify has analysed two images showing part of an air-defence system at an airfield in Isfahan was damaged.

US officials say Israel carried out a missile strike although there has been no official Israeli confirmation.

Tensions between the bitter rivals intensified in recent weeks. An earlier, suspected Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria at the beginning of the month was followed by a retaliatory attack by Iran on Israel on 13 April.

Ever since news of Friday’s Israeli strike in Isfahan – the cradle of Iran’s nuclear programme – there has been speculation about the likely target and extent of the damage.

Iran says the attack involved drones that were neutralised by air defences.

While it remains unclear what weapon or weapons were used in the attack, satellite imagery has detected evidence of damage at the air base.

Credit: bbc.com


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