D-Black clarifies alleged role in Medikal, Fella marriage crisis

Musician and entertainer D-Black has addressed the rumors surrounding his relationship with Fella Makafui, whose marriage to rapper Medikal has recently faced challenges. A video circulated on social media last month showing D-Black lighting a cigar for Fella Makafui, which sparked outrage from Medikal.

He accused both D-Black and Fella of irresponsible behavior and alleged that his wife had picked up bad habits from D-Black and his associates at his club. In response, Medikal released a diss track titled “Just in Case,” targeting D-Black.

D-Black has firmly denied any involvement in the couple’s marital issues. In a series of tweets, he clarified that he did not give Fella the cigar but merely lit it at her request. He emphasized that Fella purchased the cigar herself and approached him to light it.

Furthermore, D-Black refuted all allegations of a romantic involvement with Fella Makafui, stating that he has not seen her in over two years. He urged Medikal to address any grievances directly with him rather than airing them on social media.

This clarification aims to dispel the rumors and set the record straight regarding D-Black’s relationship with Fella Makafui amidst the ongoing marital discord with Medikal.

Ghanaian rapper Medikal over the weekend dropped a series of shocking revelations about his ex-wife actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui.

The rapper in a series of Snapchat posts opened up about several thorny issues which happened in their marriage while they were together.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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