Court restraints Obatan Dansebo, others from selling Gyangyanadze lands

The Winneba High Court has restrained three persons – Obatan Kofi Dansebo, Tufuhen Nana Gyan and Obatan Gyan from selling Aboradze family lands at Gyangyanadze, a community in the Effutu Municipality.

The restraining order did not just affect only the three persons, but also their agents, servants, representatives, privies, assigns and all persons of whatever description claiming through or under the three.

The court, presided over by Justice Aboagye Tando, further restrained them from granting, constructing structures or clearing any part or portion of the land in the community until otherwise directed by the court. This followed an interlocutory injunction sought by the Ebusuapanyin of the Gyangyanadze Aboradze family, Ebo Kobina Eyiah who are said to be the custodians of all lands in the area.

Ebusuapanyin Eyiah filed a motion on notice for interlocutory injection on June 16, 2020 a supplementary affidavit on November 12, 2021 and a further supplementary affidavit in support on November 26, 2021.

In his statement of claim, he prayed for an order to restrain Obatan Kofi Dansebo, Tufuhen Gyan and Obatan Gyan from selling their land, as well as other persons from constructing structures on their lands.

Upon critically examining the affidavits and statement of case filed by the plaintiff in support of the motion for interlocutory injunction, the court held the view that justice would be better served if the application was granted.

Accordingly, the application for interlocutory injection was granted against the defendants.


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