Consider us in the $3bn IMF money -Edem

Players of the Creative Arts sector, through Rapper Edem, are requesting that the government considers them in the IMF bailout money.

In an interview on TV3, Edem pleaded with the government to invest in the creative art sector with a portion of the IMF money.

He reiterated how the money will help the numerous talents if the government invests in marketing and PR for them.

“The talent in Ghana is in abundance be it reggae, dancehall, hip-life. Move to boxing or football and the talent is in abundance but the issue is with the resources so I think as the loan dey come, the government have to look sharp or what do you think?” The ‘Toto’ crooner quizzed.

“People will search within them and bring whatever they want to bring but if it is not marketed people will not experience it so you might have a classic album and there are a lot of artistes who are really talented from the country they may have a classic album but because it is not marketed and publicized you will not be able to see that it is artistic,” Edem added.


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