CIMG Confers Chartered Marketer Status and Inducts New Members 

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) has conferred the prestigious Chartered Marketer status on 30 accomplished marketing professionals and inducted 80 new members into its fraternity.

The ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 marked by a blend of celebration and professional affirmation, underscored the commitment of the Institute to advancing marketing excellence in Ghana.

Some of the inductees being sworn in

The inductees included notable figures such as; William K. Darley, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toledo, Nana Ama Poku, Deputy Managing Director at Consolidated Bank Ghana Ltd., Rabiatu Yakubu, Assistant Manager – Sales & Marketing at Western Rod & Wire Ltd., Gideon T.Y Leckson-Leckey, CX Designs Insights & Strategy Projects & Regulatory Reporting Manager at Ecobank Ghana PLC, Emmanuel S. Attricki, Manager Retail & Concessions at Ghana Airport Company Ltd., among other.

The event was a celebration of excellence in marketing, honoring the achievements of those who have demonstrated skill, dedication, and professionalism.

As the new Chartered Marketers and CIMG members embark on the next phase of their careers, they are poised to drive innovation and uphold the high standards of the marketing profession in Ghana.

Dr Kasser Tee, National President of CIMG in his welcome address highlighted the significance of the occasion for the inductees and newly conferred Chartered Marketers. He commended their dedication and perseverance in achieving this professional milestone.

“Attaining the status of Chartered Marketer is a goal that every professionally qualified marketer aspires to achieve. This ceremony recognises your hard work and dedication, having completed the Continuing Professional Development process post-qualification and many years of practice and/or teaching at higher levels,” Dr. Tee stated.

He emphasised the importance of maintaining high standards and embodying the principles acquired through professional practice.

“Your role is crucial in transforming industry narratives and maintaining high standards. Encourage your organisations to steer clear of unprofessional marketing conduct in favour of sound strategies to create customer value as a means to growing businesses,” he urged.

Dr Tee also addressed the necessity for marketers to embrace emerging technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI).

He pointed out that AI offers unprecedented opportunities for gaining deeper insights into customer behavior, enhancing personalisation and optimizing marketing strategies.

“By leveraging AI, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your marketing efforts are innovative, customised and effective,” he advised.

He stressed the need for marketers to understand their customers, industry trends and competitor actions to devise comprehensive and workable strategies.

“What your competitors do today is important to you but you must also be able to predict their next actions ahead of time. Based on these, you can now devise comprehensive and workable strategies for your businesses,” he remarked.

He encouraged the inductees to demonstrate their dedication and skill in supporting the brands they promote, ensuring that their success brings pride and honour to CIMG.

Dr. Tee concluded his speech by inviting individuals interested in marketing to enrol in the CIMG Professional Marketing Qualifications (PMQ), a carefully crafted set of courses designed to elevate marketing professionals to strategic roles within their organisations.

The conferment and induction ceremony brought together members of the CIMG Governing Council, distinguished guests and all witnessing the formal recognition of the inductees’ and conferees’ commitment to the marketing profession.


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