CIMG amplifies and champions the need for rights of consumers

The National President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana, Mr. Kasser Tee, yesterday emphasised on the importance of amplifying and championing the need for the rights of consumers.

He made this known in his address during the World Consumer Rights Day under the theme, “Empowering Consumers Through Clean Energy Transitions”, in Accra.

Mr. Kasser Tee disclosed that consumers must understand that they had the right to be heard and the right to redress.

“We must proceed from here to recognise that consumers have certain fundamental rights, including the right to safety; the right to be informed; the right to choose; the right to be heard; the right for a pollution-free environment, etc,” he said.

Moreso, he added that when consumers were satisfied with an organisation’s products or services, there would be fewer complaints, and consequently, decreased lawsuits.

As a marketing professional body, which is mandated under section 3 of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana Act 2020 (Act 1021), Dr. Kasser Tee said there was the need to amplify the importance of consumer rights, and the need for continuous discussions in order to make positive impacts in the lives of consumers in Ghana.

He noted that consumer rights issues must always be addressed and as such it is time for enacting legislation to protect consumer rights in Ghana.

He promised that his outfit would continue to lead the conversation, and continue to amplify and champion the rights of consumers.

Mr. Tee urged all organisations, including civil and public service entities and central government, to acknowledge and respect these rights unconditionally.

A Chartered Marketer and Lawyer, Rev. Manford Gyansa-Lutterodt, who also graced the occasion, emphasised on the legal implications of curtailing the right of the consumer, and also addressed the fact that consumers also had rights.

“Once there is a contract of sale between a seller and a buyer, then it creates some rights, duties, obligations for the parties. This in the long run creates some legal relationship between them.”

He further added that there was the need for the corner shop trader and the market woman/man as well utility service providers, and government and private agencies to respect these rights.


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