Churches lose millions as tithes, offerings reduce due to Naira redesign

Church tithes and offerings have continued to diminish following the scarcity of new notes and the inability to transfer money from banks due to network problem.

Some churches in Kaduna have seen tithes and offering figures drop as members lament the difficulty in getting transport money to their worship places.

At Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, North Central 2 region Barnawa, the pastor of the church, Dr. Sunday Owolabi, complained of poor offerings due to scarcity of money and prayed fervently for the change of our leaders.

Another pastor in one of the generational churches, Pastor John David, said they received between N1.2 million and N2.5 million as tithes and offerings in the past, but it has now reduced to between N20,000 and N50,000 due to the cash crunch ravaging the country.

He lamented that domestic staff salaries for January had not been paid because the church has not realised any tangible amount since the cash policy started.

Also, at Dunamis Church, Television Kaduna, the Assembly Pastor, John Moses, said the tithes and offerings are not only reducing but members as well.

According to him, most members are complaining about transport money to church, hunger and other serious issues.



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