Boris Johnson apologizes amid national anger over lockdown BYOB party at his residence

Boris Johnson went into the House of Commons on Wednesday and apologized. And wiggled. And apologized some more — amid shouts from the opposition that he is a liar and should resign — that he attended a “BYOB” garden party at his own home during the height of coronavirus lockdown in May 2020.

“For 25 minutes,” Johnson said. To thank the staff.

After saying he had no knowledge of lockdown parties at 10 Downing Street, the British prime minister admitted that he had attended a “bring your own booze” catered gathering, organized by his private secretary, at the height of the first coronavirus wave, when ordinary citizens were forced to forgo weddings, funerals, school, office work and, certainly, parties.

Brits recall heartbreaking lockdown sacrifices they made — the same day Boris Johnson attended a party

In his long life in journalism and politics, as a freewheeling columnist at the Telegraph, as backslapping London mayor and now prime minister during a deadly pandemic, Johnson has faced repeated challenges to his veracity — about his newspaper articles, his romantic affairs, his cocaine use, his assurances to the queen and, most recently, his solicitation for donations to pay for the renovation of his flat.

This one might prove the most difficult.



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