Bono Regional Minister warns against examination malpractice

The Bono Regional Minister, Madam Justina Owusu Banahene, has cautioned educators and others contemplating assisting candidates during the exams to shun the idea to avoid sanctions.

She warned that any individuals caught aiding candidates in the ongoing Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) would be handed over to the authorities for prosecution.

Emphasising the importance of maintaining fairness and honesty in the examination process, Madam Owusu Banahene admonished citizens, friends, and relatives of the candidates to refrain from flocking to the examination centers with intentions to facilitate cheating.

She underscored that such behavior undermined the efforts of hardworking students who had diligently prepared for the exams, and must be stopped immediately.

During her annual visit to boost the morale of candidates in the exams, Madam Owusu Banahene reiterated that it was crucial for candidates to be allowed to independently demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

She reiterated that under no circumstances should they be provided with any form of unauthorised assistance.

Madam Owusu Banahene’s visit to the examination centers served as a reminder of the significance of conducting examinations with the utmost fairness and transparency. She expressed the hope that the candidates’ dedication and hard work would shine through during the exams.

She praised the students for their commitment and encouraged them to approach the exams with confidence, knowing that their efforts would be rewarded.

The Regional Minister said the future of these young students depended on their own efforts, and society must support their growth by fostering an environment of integrity and fairness.

Accompanied by the Bono Regional Director of Education, Mr. Gabriel Antwi, the Regional Minister first visited the Nsuatre Sacred Heart Senior High School (SHS).

A total of 12 schools are participating in the BECE within the centre, bringing together 358 candidates, made up of 164 boys and 194 girls.

At the Nsuatre Technical and Vocational Institute, which hosted nine schools, there were 270 candidates, made up of 126 boys and 144 girls.

At Notre Dame Senior High School, both centers (A) and (B) had a total of 517 candidates from 19 schools.

Center (B) had 258 candidates, including 123 boys and 135 girls, while center (A) had 299 candidates, consisting of 134 boys and 167 girls, with two absentees.

Madam Owusu Banahene expressed her contentment with the disciplined manner in which the exams were being conducted across the various centers visited.


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