Black Sherif’s producer is showing us one part of him – Hammer

Celebrated Ghanaian music producer, Hammer of the Last Two, has suggested that Black Sherif’s music potentials have not been fully unleashed.

Hammer believes that there are other sides of the Kwaku the Traveler hit maker that are yet to be fully appreciated by music consumers.

Extolling the music prowess and meteoric growth of the singer, Hammer told Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z that if Black Sherif decides to venture more into highlife and other afro-induced beats, he would be the toast of even more music lovers.

“Black Sherif has now evolved into something else. But he has other side that people haven’t seen yet and I tell you if people see that side they will run away. All you have heard is Black sing on trap beat. Let him sing on Afro beat, you will run away.

Even when he sang small on a hip hop beat from Sarkodie, the ‘Country Side’, you realise that he sounds different from what he know him to be singing all the time,” he said.

Hammer likened Black Sherif’s relationship with his producer Samsney to the Obrafour and Hammer situation.

Hammer said started producing music for Obrafour at the incipient stage of their music career, Obrafour, the rapper got limited to his hip hop beats until one day Obrafour suggested that he wanted to go to Appietus to try his voice on highlife.

According to Hammer that was when he discovered how versatile Obrafour was.

“Obrafour’s knowledge was vast and I was limiting him to my style. So I think Blacko’s producer is showing us one part of him. If Black enters highlife or Afro beat, for real, dem nogo see ein back,” he said.

Black Sherif, since his emergence onto the music scene in 2019, has chalked great successes. He has topped global charts, won both local and international awards and performed at some of the biggest stages in the world.

Although most of his compositions are woven on drill beat, he strongly traces the root of his style of singing to highlife music.

On a few occasions, he has performed on highlife beats. His verse on DJ Breezy’s ‘Abonton’ is one that carries the highlife vibes.

On ‘The Villain I Never Was’ album he also took a foray into reggae on ‘Don’t Forget Me’.Hammer, however, is convinced there is more that the ‘Soja’ singer can do with regards to his versatility.



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