Bell Pepper Juice and its amazing Benefits

Bell pepper is a fantastic fruit widely served on our tables in various forms. Because of its build, which is over 90% water, bell pepper can be juiced without any doubt. Let’s include this super healthy, low in calories, and free from fat juice into our diet. It can be a nice change to the dishes we usually use the bell pepper in. It’s high time to try different colours of bell peppers in our juicies.

  1. How to make bell pepper juice?

Bell pepper is a very juicy fruit. That is why it is a great choice when it comes to juicing. It tastes very good combined with both vegetables and fruits. That makes bell pepper a perfect companion in multiple combinations of juices.

To name only a few ideas, you can juice bell pepper not only with carrot or tomato but also with orange, watermelon, mango, or cantaloupe. It all depends on your preferences and the supplies you have got in your kitchen. Feel free to improvise to get new tastes of your daily refreshing juices.

To juice any bell pepper, you need to have a juicier. The best choice will be the masticating juicer which keeps the nutrition value of fruits and vegetables in the juice.

All you need to do is wash the bell peppers and cut them into smaller pieces. First, it is better to cut pepper in halves and then remove all the seeds from the inside and the green steam. Do not remove the white films from the inside of a fruit. They are very rich in nutrients. When eating bell pepper raw, the membranes can taste a bit unpleasant. However, in juice, they do not change the taste and are undetectable. The next step after cutting the bell pepper is finally juicing. .

Juicing tip: White parts (membranes) inside the fruit are very high in nutrition value. Do not remove them when you prepare the bell pepper for juicing.

If you wonder how much juice is in one bell pepper, the answer is:

One average size bell pepper will give you around 2 oz / 60 ml of juice. The color of pepper you use doesn’t matter because each consists of over 90 % of water (green bell pepper – 93%, yellow – 92%, red – 92%).

  1. Bell pepper juice benefits

Due to valuable antioxidants, especially carotenoids, bell pepper juice boosts the body’s immune system and prevents diseases. The great advantage of this juice is that it is very low in calories. That can be a vital issue for those on a diet and precisely count the number of calories they provide the body each day. In 100 ml / 3.38 oz of green bell pepper juice, there are only 20 calories; in a yellow bell pepper – 27 calories. The red pepper juice contains the most – 31 calories. We can notice that the more mature fruits are, the higher in calories the juice is.

The bell pepper juice works anti-inflammatory, lowers the bad cholesterol level, and regulates blood pressure. It also helps to maintain the good condition of eyes, skin, and hair. Drinking bell pepper juice can significantly lower the risk of various forms of cancer diseases.

The number of vitamins and minerals in various types of bell peppers is varied. The highest in Vitamin C is the yellow bell pepper. The winner when it comes to vitamin A level is red pepper, but the richest in Vitamin K is green pepper. In the tables below, you can see the comparison of the content of minerals and vitamins in red, yellow, and green bell pepper juice.

  1. Which color bell pepper is the healthiest?

Bell pepper goes in a whole range of colors, there are purple, white, and even brown peppers, but the most popular and widely available are red, yellow, orange, and green.

While the green pepper we can get in a grocery shop is usually the red pepper on the former growing stage, the yellow and the orange bell peppers are entirely different plants growing up from the other seeds. As some used to think, it is not true that all bell peppers are the same vegetable on a different stage of ripping.

Let’s get back to the question, which of them is the healthiest one?

The green bell pepper is packed with nutrition value but in the red, orange, and yellow peppers, the vitamin C level is almost twice that high. They also contain way more beta-carotene than green bell pepper. It can be up to ten times more. The healthiest and rich in nutrition are mature

  1. Can you drink too much bell pepper juice?

The impressive list of bell pepper juice benefits proves that drinking it regularly can significantly improve well-being. If you ever asked yourself, is bell pepper juice good for you – it definitely is. However, the excessive consumption of bell pepper juice can make you gassy and bloating.

The recommended dose of bell pepper juice is around 5 oz / 150 ml per day. To avoid unpleasant flatulence or stomach ache, it is not advisable to exceed this amount for those whose digestive system is sensitive.

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