Bawumia tells Ashanti voters: Don’t Vote For John Mahama … Because he has only a 4yr mandate

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has called on Ghanaian voters, especially those in Ashanti Region never to vote for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, Mr John Dramani Mahama, because he will have only four year mandate to serve.

According to him, since his opponent is constitutionally barred from going for a second term, the word accountability will not be part of him, because he would have nothing to lose.

“For me, I have accountability. Unlike someone who has only four years mandate and after his mandate, you will not hear from him again”, he said, whilst addressing the clergy in Kumasi this week.

Dr. Bawumia insisted that “having gone to the honeymoon, he will bid you good-bye, no accountability, but with me, you are assured of accountability.”

The NPP flagbearer, who spoke mostly in the Twi language, argued that because he has not been a president before, he has accountability to render to Ghanaians.

“I want to be a president for eight years and this symbolises that I shall go for four years, then come to you to renew my mandate. I know having given me the nod, I have to work hard to appease the masses, else my mandate will not be renewed, so please give me the mandate and I will be more accountable to you”, he told the clergy.

The NPP flagbearer walked the clergy through his political aspiration for Ghana, in areas such as technology, education, privatisation (economy) and energy, and overhauling of the Ghanaian tax system.

He indicated that he had presented what he described as “compelling vision for Ghana” and that when given the opportunity he would not need any honeymoon before he starts work.

“I have presented to you a compelling vision for Ghana. From day one of my stewardship as a president, I know what to do. Right from day one, I know what to do. I would not go to any honeymoon and I will work for you all. I will work hard and justify my track record to Ghanaians.”

Reiterating his abhorrence for corruption, Bawumia, an accomplished economist, said he will use systems to mitigate corruption.

‘You know that I am using systems to fight corruption and when I am given the mantle, I will use the same systems to fight corruption head on,” he said.

Bawumia also argued that among all the vice presidents who have served Ghana, none of them could be compared to him.

“Passing an examination calls for promotion and I want you to promote me to become the president….isn’t it the case”, he politely asked.


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