Ayesem out with new single ‘Julie’

‘Koti’ hitmaker, Ayesem is out with a new single ‘Julie’ which according to the Artiste is a true-life story of a friend’s younger sister.

In the song, Ayesem, who used an alias to tell the story of the lady whose preoccupation was using every means available to her to belong to the upper class prescribed the end of every gold-digger.

“Julie used her body as the fastest means to chill with the big boys. She ended pregnant and the man she was pregnant for jilted her,” Ayesem narrated in the song.

In the amapiano Willis Beat produced song, Ayesem continued; “Julie had no option than to give birth. The child had no father as none of the men Julie had affair with took responsibility. Now it is up to her to raise the child as a single parent.”

Julie later died according to Ayesem and before her passing away, she was paralysed. “It is a very sad story but I had to keep it short in the song” Ayesem added.

He mentions that even though he felt the strong urge to compose a song on the incident, he had to release the song after the demise of the said lady because he did not want to revisit the pain of the family whilst she was alive and paralyzed.

Known officially as Stephen Siaw, Ayesem who is celebrated for his prolific song writing skills mentions that the song is to admonish ladies to be responsible and work hard and not depend on men for survival.

Ayesem has also revealed that he will release his ‘Journey to the West’ album later this year.


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