Atta Akyea chastises those thwarting Electrochem’s salt operation

The Chairman of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, Samuel Atta-Akyea, has described persons who do not want progress at the salt mining and processing plant at Ada Songor owned by Electrochem Ghana Limited as enemies of society.

This, he said, the law would be allowed to take its course. “…if you don’t want improvements then you’re an enemy of society and we have to deal with you…” he warned!

He made this known after a closed-door meeting with the management of Electrochem Ghana Limited and a visit to Ada last week Friday by his committee members.

Members of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament in a picture with management of

Mr. Atta-Akyea bemoaned that “my pain is hearing that there are some people who believe if we don’t undermine this enterprise with our personal interest, we won’t be happy and also means that we should put together a very vague conspiracy and commit some crimes and even kill somebody…”

He stated that the law would be allowed to run its course since he could not stand by while criminals undermined a project that could benefit the entire nation.

Additionally, he warned individuals who thought that the Ada traditional area, as a whole, shouldn’t improve.

It is not the place for these kinds of persons to be in the country, he said, and pledged that his outfit would address the issue at highest level.

The committee’s Chairman made these remarks in response to a reported feud between residents of Ada and Electrochem Ghana Limited, which is mining salt in the area that resulted in one death and multiple injuries.

Atta Akyea contended that if the Electrochem salt mining area was giving complete backing to carry out its operations, it would surpass the nation’s cocoa production. He believed that if this was achieved, the country would desist from going to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.

“They have not even done up to 40% of the capacity of this set up, but it sunk about $88m of this undertaken and they intern to do massive export drive which will bring foreign exchange for the country.”

In order to encourage greater participation, he continued, the committee would invite all interested parties to the floor of Parliament.


Electrochem Ghana Limited, operated by the McDan Group, is a wholly-ownrf Ghanaian mining company, which has secured a concession of 41,000 acres at the Ada Songor to produce 1,000, 000 metric tonnes of salt every year.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on 30th August, 2023 commissioned the $80 million Electrochem Ghana Limited. Salt Mine and Washing Plant at Sege in the Ada East District.

The project is the largest salt and chlorine-alkali manufacturing company in West Africa and one of the leading players in the world’s salt industry.

However, a feud ensued on Monday, November 6, between officials of Electrochem Ghana Limited and residents of Toflokpo when some staff of the company went to the area to repair some damaged dykes used in the evaporation and harvesting of salt.

Residents of the town accused Electrochem of taking away their livelihood and harassing them with land guards. This scuffle led to the death of one person, which was blamed on Electrochem Ghana Limited and several others injured.

Meanwhile, Electrochem Ghana has denied these allegations. They said the company does not employ land guards and that the police were present on the day of the clash to protect its equipment and personnel.


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