And They Say, We Are Uncivilized – Assisted Suicide Downloading

After first exploring its coast in 1471, some strange strangers, in 1482, landed on the soil of a country to named Gold Coast, later christened Ghana. They were Portuguese and Catholics, and they first celebrated Mass in a village called Edina which they renamed El-Mina, or The Mine in their language.

Since setting foot here, the White Man thinks we are primitive and need to be made civilized us, even after sixty-seven years of independence.

They say, it was uncivilized to breast-feed a baby and they introduced baby formulas to us, like famous Lactogen. Breastfeeding was regarding a little disgusting and primitive.

Later, they came back to tell us that breasts-feeding a baby for its first six months was after all, very necessary and important for the baby’s growth. WHO came out in 2001 to recommended that mothers worldwide exclusively breastfeed infants for the first 6 months for them to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Thereafter, they should be given nutritious complementary foods as breastfeeding continues up to the age of 2 years or beyond.

They say, it is primitive to eat with fingers so they forced us to use cutlery set, making it almost impossible to eat our fufu, until as for that, we rebelled. Later, one of their top fast-food joints, Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, came to tell how finger-linking good, food taste when eaten with fingers.

By the way, they will completely remove the peel of banana and with unwashed hands they hold the pulp and eat it.

They said we walk about with no cloths on. Well, we always are well covered at the appropriate areas of our body, and mind you we are talking about living in conditions of over 30ᵒ Celsius. But what do we see, whenever their temperature hits 22ᵒ Celsius? They strip almost naked and walk about the streets, pouring water on themselves. And they say we are uncivilised.

When they came, they claimed our way of worship was backward and they taught us about the Living God.

Well, almost everything they taught us about this God, were already accepted by us. Yes, we never called the names of our gods, in vain; we dared not disrespect our elders; we were not to steal, kill or bear false witness; as for adultery, one could get banned from the community for life, if ever caught in the act. We accepted the new religion and soon realised that their God is the same Great Spirit we worship, the Most Supreme God, who is above all others.

Then one fine day, these Whites came to tell us that the law under Adultery which is against immoral and impure sex, had lots of typo errors. So, we must forget about them and do exactly the opposite by getting involved in LGBTQ+ activities.

As for this we are saying, unless God Himself comes down to speak on behalf of LGBTQ+ activities, we shall not accept. Not even the angels can come down to convince us otherwise, because St. Paul said any angel who comes to preach a different Gospel, we should not mind him.

While we are still debating this, we hear that the Whites, have come out with something they called, euthanasia. It is the act of deliberately ending a sick person’s life to relieve suffering. This can be classified as voluntary, where a person makes a conscious decision to die and asks for help to do so; and involuntary, where another person takes that decision on their behalf, because they may be in coma or something.

Where is faith in God? Where is faith in miracles? Anyway, these Whites are no longer believing in God.

While we could not comprehend this, there is another thing being downloaded. It is assisted suicide, an act of deliberately assisting another person to kill themselves, by providing them with lethal drugs.

This assisted suicide is being pushed in Europe, with a facility called Dignitas, already established in Switzerland. Some people are pushing for it in the UK.

Most Rev. John Wilson, of the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, England, in his pastoral message, told all Catholics that the Church believes and teaches that every life is valuable, regardless of one’s physical or mental state or ability.

As Christians, we must regard every human life as a gift from God, not a commodity we manipulate and dominate. There are moral and spiritual threats to the earliest stage of human life, with abortion and now at its end, through assisted suicide.

St John Paul II, said the response to “cure if possible” should be “always to care.” In the Catholic Church, incurable does not mean un-care-able.

Archbishop John Wilson, said we are stewards, not owners, of the life God entrusted to us, and it is not ours to dispose of.

Assuming this assisted suicide is pushed on us, as they are doing with LGBTQ+, will people not murder others and plead in court that it was assisted suicide? After all, the deceased will not be in court to testify.

Life is a right, which must be welcomed, and not death, which must be administered.

Let us say no to euthanasia and assisted suicide as we are saying no to LGBTQ+ activities. God gave us the gift of life and we must do with life as He wants.

By Hon. Daniel Dugan


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