Amerado narrates how hardship nearly forced him to quit music

Amerado Burner, the 2023 VGMA rapper of the year has shared how he nearly gave up on music following his inability to meet the high expectations in the music industry.

“When I nearly gave up, that was in 2019, when I went to London I was depressed because I was contemplating whether to visit my career. I took it upon myself to come back after consulting a few people and when I came back, things were even way harder. I was playing casino, betting and sometimes, I go hungry I have to search for money from my friends before I can eat,” he said, recounting previous challenges encountered in his bid to rise in the highly-competitive industry.

According to him, he felt discouraged at a point and had to indulge in betting and casino games.

Speaking in an interview on Showbiz 360 on TV3, Amerado explained that the weight of disappointment from unsatisfied expectations took a toll on him during his stay in London. However, he found the determination to bounce back after seeking advice from trusted individuals.

Little did he know that his comeback would be met with even more significant challenges, including resorting to casino games, betting, and asking friends for financial assistance just to make ends meet.

The award-winning rapper also shared the beginnings of his musical journey, which was influenced by a friend during their time in senior high school. He initially began rapping to songs from artists like Okyeame Kwame, Dr. Cryme, and PrayeHoneho. Eventually, he ventured into writing his own lyrics. Amerado vividly recalled his nervous start, performing during an entertainment session. Despite trembling hands and an unsteady microphone, he managed to deliver his performance.

“I’ve written a rap about Judgement Day which I can’t remember now. I was formerly called Rap Pages.

“When I got there, I was very nervous, I was shivering, the mic was shaking and my hands were shaking but I was able to deliver,” Amerado stated.

He concluded by urging both Ghanaians and music enthusiasts worldwide to stream his latest track, ‘Kweku Ananse,’ which is accessible on all major streaming platforms.



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