AMA boss launches assembly’s 125th Anniversary

The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Elizabeth N.K.T Sackey, has said that the remarkable transformation and resilience of the communities in Accra, in the face of various challenges, has been inspiring.

She said the progress and efforts towards disaster management and safeguarding lives in the city was commendable, adding that such successes were a testament to the strength and determination of the people of Accra.

She was speaking at the launch of the 125th Anniversary of the assembly in Accra yesterday, September 13, 2023, under the theme; “125 Years of Local Governance: Strengthening Community Resilience and Sustainable Development of the City of Accra”.

The theme for the anniversary celebration, according to her, was chosen with emphasis on the importance of both community resilience and sustainable development, reflecting the commitment to building a city that could thrive in the face of challenges.

It further underscores the crucial role of effective Metropolitan controls and managements in delivering essential goods and services to the citizens. This serves as a reminder of the city’s achievements and its ongoing dedication to progress.

“Sustainable development has become a global design featuring in almost every development paradigm. In it, this concept of sustainable development is the idea to Foster City resilience that ensures that our communities are safe, reliable and healthy,” she added.

“We empowered our communities to stand strong in the face of natural disasters, economic fluctuations, and social issues, and through effective disaster management systems, we have minimised the impact of calamities, safeguarding the lives and properties of our citizens,” she further said.

According to her, the unity and collective efforts in the communities had enabled the rebuild and recovery in times of crisis, which demonstrate the unwavering commitment to one another, with focus on sustainable development, a path that harmonised progress with the preservation of our environment and the well-being of the people.

Madam Elizabeth said had been the empowerment of this movement, by embracing environmentally-friendly practices that sought to protect the planet for future generations.

She further explained that, the assembly was gradually developing innovative solutions with waste management that reduce pollution and promote recycling.

“Sustainable development goes beyond the environment. It encompasses social inclusivity, economic prosperity, and the preservation of our cultural heritage. Accra is noted for her rich cultural heritage,” the Metro Chief Executive said.

Revealing the strategic steps and activities geared towards ensuring a sustainable and resilient city, she mentioned the Medium-Term Development Plan as part of the activities, saying, “we are confident that our plans will successfully receive the necessary funding to overcome these challenges.”

“Over the period, we did many tree planting activities, build green parks, introduced rooftop solar panels, and collaborated with other agencies to build green houses. We are also undertaking flood control measures together with the World Bank to ensure that we forestall the many challenges confronting our city,” she said.

Over the past years, Madam Elizabeth further explained that there has been an identical attempt to work very hard in the design of policy that ensures that local governance delivers the needed achievements. “Our Metropolitan efforts of addressing the concerns of the city underwent remarkable years of struggles, thoughts and hard work of planning and execution.”

She concluded by urging all to continue the journey towards sustainable development, nurturing a city that is resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious.

“It is up to each and every one of us to contribute to this vision, to be active participants in the governance of our city, and to ensure that the next 125 years are filled with even greater achievements,” she added.


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