All set for premiere of ‘Detor’ – The Rise of a Warrior Hunter’

All is set for the premiere of ‘Detor – The Rise of A Warrior Hunter’, a thrilling adventure that transports audiences to a world they’ve never seen in this light before, Mark Cofie Jnr., writer and director of the movie has said.

With a compelling story, dynamic characters, and stunning visuals, it has all the elements of a classic epic adventure.

This will undoubtedly be a Box Office hit and a cultural phenomenon.

“We are excited to bring this story to the big screen. It premieres on Thursday, March 21, then there will be two showings on Friday and three on Saturday at Snap.

“From Sunday, March 24,’2024 at Ozone Cinema in Oyarifa.” excited Mark Cofie Jnr added.

The movie was shot entirely on location in Ghana and it captures the natural beauty of the landscapes and nature, recreating the unique architecture of the time.

The visual style is epic with dynamic action sequences and stunning mise-en-scène.

The movie is aimed at all audiences. International, local, young and old.



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