Ahafo Regional NADMO embarks on monitoring and compliance exercises

The Ahafo Regional National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has embarked on monitoring and compliance exercises in Tano South Municipality.

The officers visited fuel stations, gas stations, sawmills, hotels and sachet water-producing facilities at Bechem, Takyimantia and Derma.

The Director of Operations for Ahafo NADMO, Mr Murtala Mohammed, advised the various companies that it is more imperative to put out proper safety measures to protect their firms than to let their negligence cause man-made disasters which could heavily affect the facilities beyond repairs.

“I am highly disappointed that all sawmills we visited are not complying with the safety measures. The workers were not wearing safety boots, safety hand gloves and safety spectacles which can save them from an emergency calamity”, he said.

“The positioning of the emergency assembly points were nothing to write home about; however I have tasked the respective managers to provide all the necessary safety equipment to their workers as soon as possible because we shall come back for another monitoring”, he added.

The Head of the Rapid Response Unit for Ahafo NADMO, W.O Abdulai Bawah, also stated emphatically that NADMO’s vision is to build a disaster resilient Ghana of which Ahafo region is not exempted therefore, the organisation is poised to ensure that all safety precautions are in place to help protect lives and properties.

“We shall not relent on educating the public from preparedness to response, recovery, prevent misfortunes, and create awareness in prone communities and institutions on all disaster types, especially industrial disaster, ” he said.

The NADMO operations team educated the various institutions within Bechem and its environs on a professional approach to disaster management systems.


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