Africa Prosperity Dialogue 2025 launched with focus on Infrastructure

The African Prosperity Network (APN), a Non-Governmental Organisation has launched the 2025 edition of the African Prosperity Dialogue in Accra on Monday, this week.

Gabby Okyere Darko, the founder and Executive Chairman of the African Prosperity Network (APN) addressed the gathering at the launch, which was under the theme: “Delivering Africa’s Prosperity through Infrastructure: Invest, Integrate, Connect”, Gabby emphasised the transformative potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), describing it as a monumental policy step towards integration of Africa.

“Since the formation of the OAU in May 1963, its objective is simple but at the same time not that simple: the task is that we build right here in Africa, the world’s largest single market (of 55 nation states).

“But, to do so, requires a collectively sincere ‘we-put-our-money-where-our-mouths-are’ kind of sustained commitment from all sides,” he stated.

He highlighted the need for sustained commitment from political leaders, institutions, businesses and development partners to realise the full benefits of AfCFTA.

Mr Darko underscored the vital role of Africa’s private sector in driving economic integration, citing APN’s mission to mobilise and engage business decision-makers for creating a vibrant economic ecosystem.

He announced APN’s commitment, along with strategic partners like the Government of Ghana, Bank of Ghana, MTN and others, to enable Africans to conduct business seamlessly across the continent, using mobile money wallets.

The APN’s focus on infrastructure emerged as a central theme, with Mr. Darko stressing the importance of addressing Africa’s infrastructure gap to unlock prosperity and create jobs.

He highlighted key enablers such as energy, ICT, transport and logistics, calling for substantial investments in infrastructure to support AfCFTA’s success.

“The success of AfCFTA hinges on key enablers, such as energy, water, R&D, ICT, transport & logistics and the digital economy.

“This calls for substantial investments in infrastructure that will yield even greater rewards, enabling our efforts to create a larger pool of good jobs with good pay,” he emphasised.

Mr. Darko expressed optimism about Africa’s potential, citing its fast-growing population, youthful demographics and abundant natural resources. He urged collaborative efforts to prioritise infrastructure investment, connectivity and economic integration for shared prosperity.

Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, the Minister for Finance and Member of Parliament, who also addressed the gathering, highlighted critical issues facing the continent and emphasised the need for innovative solutions and collective effort to drive sustainable prosperity across Africa.

According to him, the collective effort required to achieve sustainable prosperity, citing alarming statistics such as 546 million people living in poverty and a significant financing gap for Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries.

Dr. Amin Adam stressed the importance of investing in critical infrastructure projects to address Africa’s infrastructure deficit.

He noted that inadequate infrastructure impedes economic growth and development, citing estimates from the African Development Bank that closing the infrastructure gap requires significant annual investments.

The Finance Minister underscored the importance of stronger regional integration through mechanisms like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

He emphasised that promoting intra-African trade and enhancing economic resilience are essential for fostering inclusive growth.

The Minister encouraged exploring new avenues for mobilising resources, including Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and leveraging digital technologies for financial inclusion and access to capital.

“PPPs have proven to be effective mechanisms for leveraging private sector expertise. I thus encourage African governments to embrace PPPs as a viable solution to bridge the infrastructure gap and drive economic growth,” he added.

Africa Prosperity Dialogues (APD)

The Africa Prosperity Dialogues series offers a strategic platform where the movers and shakers of the African economy elevate the economic integration objectives from ambitions to real actions.

Set in Accra, Ghana, the APD is a one-of-a-kind event where African leaders from diverse areas of national endeavour gather each year to expedite, among other things, the implementation of the agreed initiatives within the AfCFTA trade bloc, and shape the Africa Agenda for Action.

APD brings into practical focus, the continent’s critical challenges and industrialisation priorities and advance aggressively the commercial and infrastructural interventions to achieve the vision of an Africa Beyond Aid.


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