Afenyo-Markin to parents: Be counsellors for your wards

The Member of Parliament for Effutu, Mr Alexander Afenyo-Markin says Basic Education marks the beginning of several processes which lead to the reformation and moulding of today’s children.

He has, therefore, admonished parents whose wards recently completed Junior High Schools to serve as counsellors and guide them as they await their results.

The deputy majority leader made the call when he sponsored the organisation of a day’s career coaching and guidance fair for 1,841 Junior High School leavers in the Effutu municipality.

He noted that most adolescent pupils often try to explore, make decisions and desire to have freedom from strict parental control, especially after the completion of JHS.

This situation, he said, calls for greater care, attention, maximum protection and good counselling from parents to prevent their would-be adventurous wards from going wayward.

“I am appealing to you; the children here are our future. At their present ages, they are likely to go astray if you, as parents, fail to play you parental roles effectively.

“It is a fact that most of the girls here could become pregnant and the boys too could get others impregnated, but none of the girls are due to become mothers whilst the boys also cannot be fathers at this stage”.

Hon Afenyo-Markin interacting with some of the students

In view of this, he said, it is high time parents pay special attention to their adolescent kids and guide their path into a prosperous future, but not to leave them (kids) to be agents of their own lives.

“With the aid of social media, the children of today learn a lot of things on the blind side of their parents, so we have to sit down with them and explain the realities of life to them. This is not the time for hostilities,” he advised the parents.

Promise to support needy pupils

Mr Afenyo-Markin assured the pupils that as part of the larger “Effutu Dream”, he would provide financial assistance to pupils from needy homes, who would get admissions to pursue further education at Senior High School.

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it doesn’t matter whether your parents are poor or rich. With the ‘Effutu Dream’, everything is possible. Nothing can limit you.

“I promise you as your Member of Parliament that I will be there for you. With me as your member of parliament, you will never walk alone and those of you from poor homes you are going to see the do the do in action. All I want you to do is to pass your exams,” he promised.

The fair, which was the second edition, formed part of the bigger “Effutu Dream” meant to shape the minds of the JHS leavers and to promote education in the entire Effutu municipality.

Experienced resource persons were drawn from various relevant agencies including the police, academia and the Computerised School Selection and Placement System.

The resource persons took turns to walk the leavers through SHS placement processes and the selection of programmes that could help them develop their preferred career.


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