Adjetey Anang to consider endorsing political party

Actor Adjetey Anang has said that he would have a second thought about endorsing a political party if he is approached again.

In an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Mr. Anang says that at the time he had his first offer to endorse a political party, the political system was too polarised so he didn’t want to get involved in it.

According to him, the system has changed a bit so if any party approaches him today, he would have to think about it again.

“If they came today, we might look at a few considerations. At the time it was a different period. And so I think that we’ve come far, as a people. We’re still very sensitive where we have accepted the fact that people have had the choice to come out boldly and choose a political party, even though it’s still early days yet but we’re still not like places like the US,” he noted.

“Today, with a few things, we’ll consider [an offer from a political party],” the celebrated actor further stated.

Adjetey Anang’s book: ‘Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection and Resilience’ he mentions that even though he was “broke” at the time the juicy offer came, he had to decline.

“…on another occasion, I was approached by a political party in which I had many friends, to endorse the campaign of their flagbearer,” Anang said in the book, adding: “I was broke, the monetary reward was tempting, and all I needed to do was a few minutes of endorsement and my troubles would be over!”

Even though he declined to mention the year this happened, he disclosed in the interview that it was a ruling party that approached him with the offer.

He revealed they were ready to give him a car and an amount of 50,000 dollars, among other things.


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