Adamus Resources has not been barred from exporting gold –Management

The attention of the Staff and Management of Adamus Resources Limited has been drawn to newspaper reports in the Daily Post, the Supreme, the Herald, the Insight and the Informer that seem to misrepresent matters affecting the company in the Ghanaian courts.

The said reports, attributed to one Solomon Owusu, do not only distort the actual situation but also attempts to politicise a purely business affair before the courts of law.

Management and staff note for the information of all concerned that there have not been any ruling of the courts barring the company from its day-to-day activities, including the processing and exporting of Gold. On the contrary, there is a court ruling affirming that Management should continue to work.

Also, the general public is informed that it has always been the duty of Management to carry out the production and export of gold and this process is carried out under the supervision of the Precious Minerals Marketing Company, the Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division), National Security and Narcotics Control Authority.

Therefore, gold production and marketing is never the activity of a single individual and indeed, not the role of the Board of Directors/ nor an IMC, if indeed one had been constituted and nobody exports gold at the blind side of the Government of Ghana.

Also, gold shipments are escorted under strict security from the Mine Site to the Airport in Accra.

It is rather Officers of BCM Ghana Limited working through their surrogate, one Allan Morrison (also an employee of BCM) claiming to be a “Sole Director” of Adamus Resources PTY, an Australian Company, who parade themselves as an IMC and seek to impose themselves on the company.

The said Allan Morisson is not a shareholder of the Adamus Australia he claims to be a director of (Nguvu is the 100% shareholder of Adamus Australia pty) and is very much aware that the owner of Adamus Resources PTY is NGUVU, which shareholder appointed him.

Also BCM and its surrogates have no beneficial ownership neither have they invested a dime in Adamus Resources Ltd (the Ghanaian company and subject of the dispute).

It is true that the court has ruled to restrict the Board of the Company but this ruling has been challenged at the same court and the court is going through the process of examining the rulings. The court must be allowed to do its work rather than adopting unorthodox and illegal measures to impose an IMC when the court has not completed its work – Management


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