Ada Kyerematen School suffers repeated ‘shit bombing’

Students of Ada Kyerematen Municipal Assembly (M/A) Basic ‘B’ School in Koforidua were welcomed back from the weekend on Monday with a “shit bomb” attack.

According to reliable information, the cleaning of human excreta from classrooms and the compound, an act allegedly perpetrated by unscrupulous persons in the community, is gradually becoming a daily ritual for students and teachers of the school.

As if that was not enough punishment, the perpetrators usually performed rituals with red clothes, cracked eggs, powder, and snail shells after committing the act.

The situation has not only raised psychological concerns of the students, but also the suspected spiritual implications that this act would bring to the children.

This reporter was told that, a female student, whose name was not provided, collapsed and was hospitalised after sweeping and collecting these unwelcome human feces wrapped in polythene bags in a class six room in a previous incident.

The situation has led to the said female student’s inability to walk normally, with its corresponding discontinuation of schooling.

Authorities, seemingly powerless, have been unable to effectively address the issue, witnessing repeated incidents in different classrooms each academic term.

Mr. Francis Kwakye, Headmaster, disclosed that the school had experienced six consecutive instances of indiscriminate “shit bombing,” forcing teachers to organise classes under trees.

In response of the recent incident, the traditional head of the community initiated a spiritual cleansing process, pouring libation in the affected classroom to curse the perpetrators and cleanse any potential spiritual implications on the teachers and students.

The Municipal Education Directorate, following a meeting with the Headmaster and teachers on Monday, November 27, 2023, has committed to engaging key stakeholders, including the Municipal Assembly, traditional authorities, and community opinion leaders to find a lasting solution to this distressing problem.


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