Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein.

Journeying through life as tough as is made evident before the human eye is one journey that requires great strength, the type of strength that maneuvers its way into breaking forth and persisting in life defeating fully every obstacle that gets in the way on the journey to making the best out of one’s life here on earth. Keeping the balance in life denotes that there are days you will have it all figured out and may or can thread on a rather smooth path and remain happy and content with everything in your life and there may also be those days where you may feel you have almost lost it all and life becomes rather worrisome and very fearful for you.

The ups and downs in life requires of us to keep our balance regardless of how our life may turn out, do well to keep the balance through the good and the bad days, everything cannot always run smoothly for you, you may have a few hitches that will need fixing, you may experience a few breaks in life which requires rest for a while and then a bounce back later. But by all means regardless of what happens just keep the pace and keep moving. In a typical example of a person driving a car and mistakenly colliding with another vehicle gets hurt and damages the vehicle as well. The scars left from this incident require that the wounds be treated to aid in the faster rate of their healing process but once they heal they go back to driving again, why? Because a bad break does not always mean you cannot try again, you can and have to try again but this time rather more cautiously focussing most importantly on the lessons from the previous incident in order that you don’t end up living life without experience you begin to live it like a master carrying your lessons learnt as your shield for you to keep moving.

This is to say that once life feels uncertain and failure becomes your new name, you can always reverse your current situation by picking up the pieces and trying to tackle life again with much more zeal and strength willing to fight and face every fear so that you can make your life and whatever you find yourself doing become of great value. Keep moving and don’t stop. Quitting should be a thing of the old for you. I wrote in my second book “Surviving” concerning how to make your life valuable and not a waste and how to keep the pace even when journeying through life seems tough for human comprehension .You will be glad you didn’t give up and stood firm to survive it all. That becomes your strength because you survived the toughest and darkest moments in life and you are still waxing strong.

Every new idea, and initiative meets with resistance .We have to find the courage to take risks even to fail if the goal is worthwhile. Kofi Annan

Take hard risks as you journey through life, all of these forms a part of who you are your values and goals and what you stand for, be courageous enough to face risks in life ,a risk is not a death sentence it’s a realm that  helps you self evaluate yourself and get to deduce the true nature of yourself, what you stand for and the what and the where you would want your life to get to. Take risks, important ones and the ones that will break you as well. All of this is for your good once it’s worthwhile and worth the do kindly go ahead with it without being remorseful about it. The last thing anyone wants is to live a life full of misery and regret thus live your life free of guilt and shame. Journeying through can also be equated to running a race, until you keep moving you can never reach your expected end. I want to encourage you reading this wherever you are in this world that you are matter so you matter in this life and on this journey, Go through struggles and remember that these are part of life’s route you will go through them but how you evolve out of them matters more. Keep that in mind. Life will only get better once you don’t stop moving, once you stand firm against every resistance or blockade in your life once you are firm enough to break through the struggles with your shoulders held up high and enjoying every moment on this journey in life. You can get through anything and everything in life once you stay hopeful and put your mind to it.

I recommend a motivational booster audio podcast for you by name “Interactions With Jackie” Podcast which is available weekly on Apple Podcasts, Tune In, Podbean, Amazon Music and Deezer and other major listening platforms, Kindly tune in and listen to weekly episodes which will challenge you into understanding who you are and why you were brought on earth and why the need to keep moving on in life and on this journey never giving up.

Remember to always keep the pace and keep your balance in life and embrace mistakes and not feel bad about them but rather learn the lessons from the mistakes so you can do better next time. Keep moving. I’m Jaclyn Essien on all Social media platforms. Have an amazing day.

Jaclyn Essien



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