A gentle reminder to Edna Nyame about her promise to complete Tadi CNC in a year

“AESL who are the consultants have given us the budget and roadmap to the completion of the CNCs. Maximum two months, you’ll see works on the CNC in Takoradi,” this was a promise from the Executive Director for National Commission on Culture, Janet Edna Nyame to the people of Takoradi on 14th June, 2022.

In an interview with Empire FM in Takoradi, Madam Nyame was confident that, within a year, the issue of the deserted Centre for National Culture (CNC) will be a thing of the past and the people of Takoradi will appreciate the long wait for the renovation.

Today’s date is 22nd June, 2023, not a single working tool has touched the ground of Takoradi CNC. The building is rather deteriorating than before. The obvious cracks in the walls make it more dangerous to accommodate anyone for an event.

It is shocking that there has not been any work at the centre which is the only viable venue for events in the Oil City even when the Executive Director has openly assured the people of Takoradi.

The promise by the woman who is eyeing the Takoradi Constituency Parliamentary seat follows a bold promise by her sector minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mohammed Awal to the people of the Takoradi to see a major facelift of the facility.

In the company of the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, the Tourism Minister who visited the venue assured the people of Takoradi that he is committed to making sure that the edifice is renovated to the state of the art status within a year which was due on June 5, 2022.

Janet Edna Nyame took the baton from her sector Minister and watered the promise by further assuring the people of Takoradi that, “as someone from the Metropolis, I am embarrassed anytime the discussion of the CNC in Takoradi comes up, knowing that, it has been deserted for over 30 years so as the head of the sector in charge of the CNC, my region should have been the first to witness the best of CNCs in Ghana so I am committed to it.”

“Awal Mohammed has promised to finish at least two of the centres before he leaves office. He mentioned Western Region and Northern Region so he is committed to his promise to the people of Western Region.

He has not abandoned the promise even though it has delayed” Madam Nyame in an interview with Empire FM in 2022 stated, adding that, it will not go beyond a year for the people of Takoradi to witness the fully renovated CNC.

Industry players in the Twin City are reminding the National Commission on Culture boss of her promise to them a year ago and need answers for the failed promise.

It is unclear the delay of work as no one at the Commission is willing to talk to The Chronicle when this Reporter contacted the office.


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