A fan sent me a picture of her breast; MOG Music

Sharing some of the untold hazards that come with fame, Gospel Artiste MOG Music has revealed that some fans take things to the extreme and do things which are untoward.

On ‘Just Being Us’ with MzGee on Akwaaba Magic on DSTV, MOG Music mentioned that “I posted a picture of me blowing a kiss and a fan sent me picture of her breast.”

MOG Music added that, he blocked her immediately the nude picture was sent to him, stating that since leaving her active on his social media might send an impression that he is interested.

Speaking on his optimism of winning Grammy Award, MOG Music said he is determined to win the prestigious award, adding that “it is an inspiration and something we are working on. So far, so good.”

“So we are working on that (Grammy award). You need to get some people to push you in there and that’s what we are doing. We will get there,” MOG revealed.


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